Second issue of Missouri Times Magazine hits the Capitol


The Missouri Times has released its second issue of The Missouri Times Magazine after its inception this January, and the focus for this issue on people who work in the Capitol.

The issue will feature the always popular 100 List – the top 100 lobbyists to know in the Jefferson City political scene, alongside profiles on lawmakers from the left and right, insights into key issues debated around the state, editorials and op-eds from Capitol veterans, and features from places around the Capitol

Among the stories:

  • The 100 List, a compendium of the 100 most important lobbyists and political strategists to know in Jefferson City
  • “Merely acknowledging that lobbyists have a right to ply their trade falls short of a proper analysis. The truth is we should want lobbyists.” – Jay Atkins in his editorial Swamp Creatures
  • 100 Facts from 100 Years of Missouri State Parks as the Missouri Conservation and Environmental Alliance celebrates the centennial of the Missouri State Park System on April 9 of this year
  • “All of the trades for years prior to this one were dealing with their own issues and stuff that directly affected their own organization… Everybody some of the other stuff is kind of petty in relation to the attacks we’re dealing with currently.” – Mark Dalton of the Carpenters Regional Council on the attitude of unions after the passage of Right-to-Work in A Turning of the Tide
  • An inside look at the story behind the Yanis Coffee Zone, one of the most popular coffee shops in the state’s capital
  • “I think you’re more effective if you’re not involved in every discussion, only the ones that are important. I think it’s best to sit back and listen, and when you’re passionate about something, you speak up.” – Sen. Mike Cunningham on his role in the Senate in the profile Mike Cunningham: No Wasted Words

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The full issue can be viewed below, and it is now available in print on newsstands in Jefferson City: