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Op Ed: A Conservative’s Take on Charter Schools


The evidence is overwhelming. Giving Missouri families choice in education helps ensure our children have access to high quality educational opportunities in areas where Missouri’s public schools are failing. It is time for Missouri’s behemoth education bureaucracy to face the fact that our state’s education outcomes are less than stellar in certain areas.  In 2016, nearly 10,000 Missouri students dropped out of high school.

The status quo is failing many students across the Show-Me State, however, there is a better path forward: charter schools. Charter schools are tuition free, independently governed public schools that provide education options in underperforming school districts.

Thankfully, Missouri conservatives are fighting to raise the bar in regards to public education and are working to expand charter schools outside the St. Louis and Kansas City areas. Charter schools can provide a quality education option in under-served communities: communities that typically receive less attention and funding compared to their urban counterparts.

While we are off to a great start, we still need your help to ensure that school choice is available to all students across our great state.

I urge you to visit and sign the petition to support better education outcomes, a highly-trained workforce, and education freedom for every Missouri family.

Senator Bill Eigel
Senate District 23