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Silvey talks budget, channels Greitens in latest Facebook live video


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Senator Ryan Silvey routinely puts up a Facebook live video each week after the Senate adjourns to head home for the weekend. This week’s video, however, came with a special nuance this week: Silvey and his crew hit the road for a little fast food run.

While it may seem somewhat random or innocuous, it’s truly a throwback to Gov. Eric Greitens, who signed a bill this week approving transportation network companies to operate ride-sharing services in the state. To do so, Greitens hopped in a vehicle, operated by a Lyft driver in St. Louis, and used the opportunity to make a run for the border… by stopping at Taco Bell.

Greitens celebrated the signing by chomping down on a chalupa.

On Thursday, Silvey recreated the video, making a pitstop at the Taco Bell located on Missouri Boulevard in Jefferson City and discussing the events of the past week.

Silvey talked about how the week started with continued attacks against Sen. Rob Schaaf, which Silvey said made many of the senators angry.

“A lot of those ads, they’re simply not true,” Silvey said. “Now we’re dealing with dark money groups trying to attack us while we’re trying to do the work of the people.”

He also discussed the Senate’s work to pass the budget and fully funding the state’s education foundation formula, something that had been a priority in the House. The Senate appropriations committee had decided to cut that funding down, but Silvey said that a group of senators had agreed to put it back in on the Senate floor.

“By a roll call vote on the floor, which is pretty unprecedented, we passed an amendment that fully funds the education formula for the first time since I’ve been in the legislature,” he said. “By the time we’re all said and done, that is going to be one of the big accomplishments of this session.”

He also spoke about the Senate’s passage of legislation that would allow the state to issue$48 million in bonds to help fund a new conservatory at UMKC in downtown Kansas City as long as private donors could match it.

Silvey wrapped up in a similar fashion to Greitens, biting into a steak chalupa before signing off.

Commenters on Silvey’s video couldn’t resist taking a jab at his order, particularly his choice in drink.

“What??? Unsweet ice tea? At least go half & half! 😂,” one person wrote.