LETTER: Kander’s voter ID attacks are pure politics


My predecessor, Jason Kander, has been traveling the country attacking my efforts to fight voter fraud in Missouri.

He has opposed Missouri’s voter approved photo ID law.

He opposes President Trump’s Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

Now, Jason Kander has been joined by Senator McCaskill in attacking me for following Chapter 610 of the Missouri Revised Statutes that requires that I provide publicly available information upon request. See the law for yourself here.

The kicker? Jason Kander is attacking me for following the law and providing this data to the Trump Election Integrity Commission, after he fulfilled nearly 400 data requests during his four years as Missouri Secretary of State. That’s right. He is attacking me for doing something he did almost 400 times while in office.

His predecessor, Robin Carnahan, fulfilled these requests more than 600 times.

His attacks are pure politics. They fit his agenda to pretend voter fraud exists and block efforts to fight fraud.

Let me be clear about these requests: no voter preferences, political affiliations, or confidential information have or will be provided. The privacy of the voting booth is revered in this country, and it will remain so.

But this is an effort by President Trump to combat voter fraud and protect the integrity of our elections. I am proud to join this effort because we must stop those who seek to cheat our elections and steal our votes.


Jay Ashcroft