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Greitens signs three bills into law


Today Governor Eric Greitens signed into law three measures relating to suicide awareness and prevention, county government budgets and the Secretary of State’s technology trust fund, and population designations.

SB 52 establishes the “Show-Me Compassionate Medical Education Research Project Committee”, and outlines requirements of a study to be known as the “Show-Me Compassionate Medical Education Research Project”. The goal of both the committee and the study is to raise awareness of the prevalence of depression among medical students and prevent suicide among the student population. The bill also includes provisions to ensure that higher education institutions across the state are providing consistent resources on suicide awareness and prevention to students. SB 52 was sponsored by Sen. Jamilah Nasheed and ushered through the House of Representatives by Rep. Keith Frederick.

SB 95, sponsored by Sen. David Sater along with Rep. Lyndall Fraker, extends the expiration date on a provision that allows county governments to decrease their annual budgets throughout the fiscal year. Additionally, the bill grants the Secretary of State continuing authority to collect its fee on filings relating business organizations, commercial transactions, and trademarks, names, and private emblems for the purposes of funding their technology trust fund.

HB 451 establishes in law that once a city, county, or political subdivision are under the operation of a law as based on population characteristics or assessed evaluation, they will remain so regardless of subsequent changes in population. The bill was sponsored by Rep. Kevin Austin and guided through the Senate by Sen. Jay Wasson.