McCaskill needs a reality check: being voted out of office


By Rep. Hannah Kelly, 141st District

Senator Claire McCaskill is headed for a much-needed reality check come next year’s election. She’s ignored voters for much of her time in office and the past 7 months have been worse than ever.

Missourians across the state made our voices heard in 2016 when President Trump carried Missouri by almost 20 points. You would assume Senator McCaskill would make an effort to be more bipartisan in representing Missourians. Instead, McCaskill has gone full throttle against President Trump’s agenda and has aligned herself with the most liberal wing of the Democrat Party. Claire has attempted to block Trump’s cabinet nominees, voted against bipartisan legislation cutting regulations, and most importantly, attempted to block Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

Missourians have had enough of being ignored by Claire McCaskill. I encourage my fellow Missourians to join me in voting her out of office next year.