This Week in the Missouri PSC: August 9, 2017


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – This week’s meeting of the Missouri Public Service Commission seemed to focus almost exclusively on one public utility company.

Out of the four tariffs and new orders that appeared on the Wednesday docket, three of them involved Missouri-American Water Company’s rate case.

The first item, in that case, concerned Ameren and KCP&L’s requests to intervene, and the Office of Public Counsel’s argument that the two companies do not need to be involved, saying they do not represent a position that differs from that of the general public interest.

The PSC ruled to allow the two parties into the case, saying that they had filed everything within the required timeline.

“Legally, those parties could not be adversely affected by a decision in this case, but practically, it is possible that we could make a decision on these policy issues that could affect them going forward, so I do believe that there is an argument for that,” Chairman Daniel Hall said.

He also said that the two companies may have some experience that could be useful.

The second order concerned the deployment of a future test year ending December 2016, with an update period of the six months ending June 2017, and a true-up period of the six months ending December 2017.

The commission agreed with staff’s position to adopt a partially forecast test year while allowing parties to present arguments for further adjustments.

The final order in the Missouri-American Water Company rate case was an order granting their application to receive the authority to issue up to $180,000 in unsecured debt. Those funds are expected to be used for the acquisition of property, the construction, improvements or additions to its facilities, as well as other capital investments.

The fourth order and tariff to appear before the commission was in regard to their proposed rule making amendment to the Chapter 18 safety standards. The changes would adopt an updated edition of the National Electric Safety Code.

With the commission’s 5-0 approval, the proposal goes to the Secretary of State for publication in the Missouri Register as a proposed amendment.

The final action of the commission was to discuss the upcoming public hearings to review the commission’s rules, as required by an executive order issued by Gov. Eric Greitens.

The PSC will host two hearings next week in Jefferson City on Tuesday at noon and Thursday at 6 p.m. in order to take public comment.