Kinder appointed as new Alternate Federal Co-Chairperson of the Delta Regional Authority


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Former Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder has been appointed to a federal position by President Donald Trump.


It was announced Thursday that the longtime Missouri Republican had been named the Alternate Federal Co-Chairperson of the Delta Regional Authority (DRA).

Former DRA Chair Chris Masingill was relieved from his position in late July after serving for seven months under the new Trump administration. He was first appointed to the position under President Barack Obama back in 2010. The chairman’s position at this time is still vacant.

The DRA is a federal agency focused on improving economic development in the eight-state Delta region. The agency helps create jobs and build communities through innovative approaches to growing local and regional leadership, increasing access to health care, and boosting opportunities for entrepreneurs to obtain affordable capital.

Up until this year, Kinder served as Missouri’s lieutenant governor since 2004, and before that in the state senate.

You can read the White House’s news release here.