Treasurer Schmitt launches new website to track state’s economic performance


State Treasurer Eric Schmitt launches for citizens to track state’s economic performance

JEFFERSON CITY, MO – Finding updated information about Missouri’s economy just got a lot easier thanks to State Treasurer Eric Schmitt. Today, Schmitt announced the launch of where citizens can easily track and monitor Missouri’s economic performance.

The Missouri Economic Dashboard gives the public a snapshot of the state’s economic climate and features key data on unemployment, state and national debt, exports, housing, education and more. County-by-county breakdowns are available for several of the dashboard’s indicators.

“This new tool gives Missourians an easy way to check on our state’s economic status without sifting through spreadsheets and boring government reports,” said Schmitt. “The Missouri Economic Dashboard will dramatically increase transparency in economic data and help keep the public, business leaders, and lawmakers up to date with the latest information.”

The dashboard was designed by a team of economists and government accounting experts to prioritize the most important economic indicators found within publicly available datasets. Figures will be updated regularly as new reports are published by government agencies. is the first economic dashboard in the nation to be launched by a state treasurer’s office. Treasurer Schmitt and his team will utilize the data collected by the dashboard to conduct a comprehensive audit of the state’s economy over the coming months.