Government transparency group applauds Treasurer Schmitt’s Missouri Economic Dashboard


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo — Only a few months after launching the Missouri Economic Dashboard, State Treasurer Eric Schmitt is already garnering national recognition for his work to make economic data more easily accessible to the public.

Truth in Accounting, a national watchdog group that advocates for state government transparency, applauded this effort.

“The Missouri Economic Dashboard is a helpful tool for government leaders as well as citizens in general,” said Sheila Weinberg, founder and CEO of Truth in Accounting. “Treasurer Schmitt and other state government leaders have developed these dashboards, which help residents stay on top of economic and financial trends in their communities.”

The dashboard gives the public a snapshot of the state’s economic climate and features key data on unemployment, state and national debt, exports, housing, education and more. Prior to its launch, state economic indicators were extremely difficult to find and compare.

“Our goal for the Missouri Economic Dashboard was to make it as easy to check our state’s economic performance as it is to check the weather for the day,” Schmitt said. “We have successfully moved economic data out of the age of boring government spreadsheets and PDFs and into the 21st century.” is the first economic dashboard in the nation to be launched by a state treasurer’s office.