Washington physician announces run for HD109

Chiropractic Physician John Simmons, Washington, MO, is seeking election as a Republican to the 109th State Representative Legislative District to succeed Paul Curtman who is term-limited.  “Representative Curtman has done a tremendous job representing the 109th District.  I hope to honor that work with similar service and keep Franklin County a great place to live, work, worship and raise a family.”
“I am running because my campaign, like my life and work, is a call to service,” Simmons said. “I am running because we need more conservative citizens with conviction, with real business and professional experiences to undo the messes brought by an out-of-control government.”

Simmons added he wants to limit and restrict government intrusion into businesses, families, faith and communities while bringing power, control and self-governance back to the people.

“As a doctor, I fix patients,” Simmons said. “As a representative, I will fix government using those principles.”

Simmons considers himself a “Reagan conservative” and has an admiration for constitutional principles like smaller government, lower taxes and support for veterans and first responders.

“These commonsense conservative values and Founding Fathers’ spirit are alive and well in Franklin County,” Simmons said. “Local entrepreneurs and risk takers know how to grow businesses, loving parents and dedicated educators know how to educate our kids and our Christian spirit and volunteerism know how to help those in need.”

Simmons added lower taxes, less regulation and economic growth strategies like infrastructure improvements and education excellence are ways to grow jobs, grow wages and give economic opportunities and security to Franklin County.

Simmons is a businessman, physician, church and community volunteer, coach, husband and father.

He and his wife of 25 years, Nanci, and three children live in Krakow, MO, and attend St. Gertrude Catholic Church.

He is a licensed chiropractic physician practicing in Washington, MO since 1992. He is a member of the Missouri State Chiropractic Association.

He received his education at Logan University of Chiropractic and Health Sciences in St. Louis County.

Simmons is a former member of the Franklin County Republican Central Committee and a co-founder of the county Young Republicans.

He has previous worked as a campaign treasurer for former District 109 Rep. Dr. Kevin Threlkeld.