Democrat Klenc announces campaign for HD103


Jim Klenc enters race for State Representative District 103 with his sights set on bringing real change to Jefferson City

St. Charles County – Jim Klenc, a father, a lawyer, and a 5th generation Missourian, announced his candidacy for State Representative District 103. Klenc, a Democrat, will challenge Republican incumbent, John Wiemann, in the general election in November 2018.

In his announcement, Klenc addressed the need for reform in state government.

“One party rule is not good for Missouri. Politicians in Jefferson City are out of touch and continue to ignore the middle and working class in this state,” Klenc said. “Missouri is ranked 36 out of 50 states in overall health rankings. Missouri families are suffering because they lack access to quality medical and dental care. Our per capita spending for public health is well below what it should be. We can do better than this. Missourians deserve better.”

Klenc is advocating for Medicaid expansion and access to affordable healthcare for all citizens, regardless of income. “As a father of a child with cancer, I will fight in Jefferson City for his healthcare, as well as for the healthcare of all Missourians, especially our most vulnerable: the disabled, the children and the elderly,” Klenc said.

Klenc supports quality public school education and a decent living wage. For this reason, he opposes the implementation of the Right to Work law. “I believe that unions are the standard bearer for higher wages and workplace protections. My grandfather was a union bread truck driver. My dad was a public school teacher, and I was in Local 655 while working my way through law school,” Klenc said. “Right to Work is wrong for Missouri and wrong for Missouri workers. We need leadership in Jefferson City that will fight for Missouri workers and not introduce legislation that will lower wages,” he added.

As a lawyer, Klenc regularly represents individuals and families who do not have much power against corporations and banks with unlimited resources. “I became a lawyer to help people. I will take that same mentality to Jefferson City,” Klenc said.

Jim Klenc is a proud Democrat who will fight hard to make District 103 a strong, stable and prosperous community.

Jim Klenc grew up in St. Louis and graduated from St. Louis University High School in 1992. He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and English from Bradley University. He graduated from St. Louis University School of Law in 1999 and has been a practicing lawyer in Missouri for 18 years. Currently, he has his own law firm in St. Charles County. He is a single father of two high school students at Fort Zumwalt South High; Anna, age 17, and Aidan, age 15. He moved to the district in 2005. He has been actively involved in the community, whether volunteering his time for local organizations, sponsoring local events, or coaching youth sports.