This Week in Missouri Politics dives right into the issues regarding the state Board of Education in the first show of the year.

“The most important thing about the state Board of Education is it should be an independent entity,” Sen. Gary Romine tells Scott Faugn.

While the General Assembly was in recess, Gov. Eric Greitens made 10 different appointments to the Board of Education in an effort to get the necessary votes to oust the Education Commissioner. Margie Vandeven was removed Dec. 1.

“It’s embarrassing to know someone was hidden until the last fifteen minutes before the final meeting was to start, sworn in and within five minutes was taking to vote to ousts the commissioner,” Romine said. “I will block those five nominees.”

The Opinion Maker Panel — David Barklage, Wendy Norwald, Rep. Bruce Franks and Dave Cook — didn’t shy away from the topic.

“This shows the inability to understand how politics works,” Cook said.

Though the case was made that the governor’s recent move, withdrawing and resubmitting the appointees, was an effort to work with the Senate and give them more time.

The Panel also talked about the House ethics hearing for Sen. Warren Love, Franks not putting his hand on his heart during the Pledge of Allegiance, Ryan Silvey’s appointment to the Public Service Commission and other important topics.

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