Franks Jr. recognized by BET as one of “The Disruptors”


Franks honored nationally for his community activism and civil service

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – In honor of Black History Month, BET Network (Black Entertainment Television) is celebrating the work and accomplishments of individuals who have acted as pillars in their community, heeded the call to social justice and impacted society as a whole in their own way without falling victim to the system through a series titled “The Great 28”.

Among the individuals highlighted in “The Great 28” is State Rep. Bruce Franks Jr., D-St. Louis City, who is recognized as one of “The Disruptors” for his selfless activism and leadership through protest in the Black Lives Matter movement, notably following the unjust murder of Mike Brown in Ferguson, community engagement, especially amongst the youth, advocating for crime prevention and speaking out against injustice in the streets and on the floor of the Missouri House.

“I am extremely humbled by this honor and have been blessed with the opportunity to utilize my platform to invoke change in the Black community, but the work doesn’t stop here,” said Franks. “Civil service has never felt like an occupation to me, but an obligation. I feel obligated to empower and educate African-Americans, and to fight diligently for the rights we deserve. Violence and racism have plagued this nation for far too long. The lives of our brothers and sisters have been disrespected and disregarded for far too long. Enough is enough.”

Franks is honored among a number of well-known entertainers, entrepreneurs, athletes and film directors who have utilized their platforms to speak out regarding issues such as racism, sexual harassment, feminism and minority representation. These individuals include Colin Kaepernick, Jordan Peele, Rihanna, Terry Crews, Gabrielle Union and more.

“I’m human just like everyone else, and I am fully aware of the fact that we as individuals aren’t without flaw. However, accountability is key when we begin to dig deep and get to the root of these issues, especially with regard to the relationship between our respective communities and law enforcement,” Franks says. “It’s impossible to breed fruitful and productive dialogue if the other party is closed to the idea of accepting and respecting the views of others. My main objective is to act as a voice for the voiceless, to push our people forward and work together to develop solutions that assure citizens in the African-American community that they matter.”

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