House Special Investigative Committee member speaks out about report


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – State Rep. Don Phillips, who serves as vice-chair of the House Special Investigative Committee on Oversight, released the following statement regarding the committee’s report:

Rep. Don Phillips

“When our colleagues in the House voted on March 1st for the Special Investigative Committee on Oversight to investigate certain actions of Governor Greitens, their unanimous vote was a clear sign House members required nothing less than the highest level of integrity from the committee. The members placed their trust in the committee, with the expectation that we would follow the facts and provide a full accounting of what those facts were. It was a responsibility that each member of the committee took extremely seriously.

The report released Wednesday reflects the thorough examination each committee member took in determining the validity of the facts of Governor Greitens’ conduct. The transcripts show that members did not just accept testimony as fact, but cross-examined witnesses, at times repeatedly and persistently, to ensure that what was reported to the House was indeed deemed accurate. Each member of the committee drew on their own professional experiences to question and determine each witness’s credibility. For me, I relied upon the lessons I learned in my 28 years as a Missouri state trooper in my inquiries and in my consideration of the truth.

The trust of my constituents and of my colleagues is the most important value needed to serve as a Representative. Everything I do is with honor and integrity to protect the trust that has been placed in me. In signing my name to the report, I did so with confidence that the committee diligently sought the truth, invested great consideration of the testimony we heard, and that the report was factual and credible.”