Letter: Standardized education needed for radiology procedures



Are you aware that when you need a Radiology procedure in Missouri (x-rays), the person performing your exam might be a person who has no education in the use of radiation used during x-ray procedures; proper positioning to demonstrate structures, as well as no radiation protection or patient safety measures that would assure you of a diagnostic exam could be lacking. Your physician has the knowledge to diagnose your issues but without quality Radiology images, he/she might not receive that information.

The Missouri Society of Radiologic Technologists (MoSRT) wants to be sure that you receive the same type of safe exams as someone in other states. Why should Missouri citizens/patients receive substandard care?

Missouri is one of only 5 states that do not require any type of standardized education. Isn’t it time we tell our legislators in Jefferson City that we want educated individuals performing Radiology procedures?

We currently have two bills up for consideration in the House and Senate. HB 2468 sponsored by Rep. Kathy Swan (R 147) and SB 926 sponsored by Senator Jeanie Riddle (R 10). Ask your legislators for their support of these vital bills with a YES vote.

Now is the time to ensure that patients receive the care they need during a time of illness or injury. Speak up now, contact your legislators asking for their support. 

Thank you,


Diane Hutton BA, RT(R) ARRT

Missouri Society of Radiologic Technologist (MoSRT)

Legislative Activities Chair