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Special session, House reports, and Greitens on This Week in Missouri Politics


For the first time in Missouri’s history, the General Assembly has called themselves into a special session, which will focus on the allegations surround Gov. Eric Greitens and potential disciplinary actions.

“I think it’s good for either side because I think that the process we are beginning is gonna give the governor his day in court. It requires five of seven eminent jurists to sign off on it, so I think from a process standpoint the House is doing the right thing,” says David Barklage on This Week in Missouri Politics.

The necessary number of signatures for the special session — 75 percent of lawmakers — was reached the day after the release of the second House investigative report.

“I think we have to give everyone their day in court….but this is damning stuff. It makes him look very bad,” says Jeff Roorda.

Patrick Lynn says the report shows a “lack of integrity.” Greitens was “willing to jeopardize [The Mission Continues] existence for politics” when he took the list with “total disregard for the harm it could cause the charity.”

The Missouri Times’ Rachael Dunn fills in for Scott Faughn who found himself in the news following revelations he provided payments to Attorney Al Watkins.

“I heard a lot for about a day and then the focus shifted to the second report,” said Scott Dieckhaus. “People understand that regardless of what Scott [Faughn] did or what his intentions were or whatever at the end of the day it has very little to do with what’s going on with Governor Greitens.”

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