Sain: Missourians vote for progress, not divisiveness


With the special election for Senate District 17 over, the Northlands in Kansas City have rejected the politics of divisiveness, opting instead to embrace progress and unity. It is clear that Missourians are eager for a change in leadership in Jefferson City, especially after what we have learned about the candidates during this special election.

Folks in the Northlands will have another chance to reject a politics of fear and hate in November, as Kevin Corlew and many Republican incumbents will be asking voters for another term. Instead of running on his voting record, Kevin Corlew ran countless negative attacks against a fellow colleague. The Kansas City Northlands deserves better. Missouri deserves better.

Matt Sain expressed the importance of ushering in new leadership in Jefferson City with this statement: “In the past legislative session, Republicans in the Legislature touted the money spent on K-12 education, even as school districts were switching to four-day weeks and tax dollars were taken away from local school districts and given to for-profit charter schools. They were fast to point out how well the economy is doing, while also withholding help from folks who were left behind in the economic recovery. Finally, they stressed their desire to make government smaller and “business-friendly” while simultaneously making it more intrusive on the rights of women, minorities and LGBTQ+ citizens. The Northland should expect more from its leaders.”

Matt Sain offers his enthusiastic and well-deserved congratulations to State Senator-elect Lauren Arthur and her team who worked tirelessly for the past few months. Matt is also excited for the opportunity to serve, as he campaigns aggressively to become the next State Representative for the 14th District in Platte and Clay County.