COLUMBIA, MO – Renew Missouri, a not-for-profit group focused on renewable energy and energy efficiency policy around the Show-Me State, and Young Conservatives for Energy Reform, a national not-for-profit group focused on changing the course of the conversation regarding energy policy through outreach to young conservative leaders, are hosting a non-partisan Candidate Forum on October 10th from 12-1pm. The event will be held at the Roger B. Wilson Boone County Government Center in the Commission Hearing Room.

All local State Representative and State Senate candidates have been invited and the event is open to the public.

Renew Missouri Executive Director James Owen expressed optimism for the event. “We’re looking to educate candidates of all parties about the benefits of a strong renewable energy and energy efficiency policy here in Missouri. This often gets overlooked because lawmakers have so many other crucial topics to discuss. But energy ties into economic development, workforce training, and other issues that are critical to Missouri’s legislative priorities.

“We’re thrilled to get to work with the Young Conservatives for Energy Reform not just for their knowledge in the area, but so we can reach out to a new group of voters and leaders in the Columbia community.”

Young Conservatives for Energy Reform Founder and Chairman Michele Combs adds her hopes regarding the event. “Our group is working all over the country with young leaders on why clean energy should matter to the conservative agenda. We have seen enormous success in other red states and our experience in Missouri shows lawmakers and policy makers of all stripes are seeing sensible energy policy as something critical to consumer choice and free markets. Columbia is a natural place for us to work with Renew Missouri to get this message out.”

While the roster of candidates is still being put together, the organizers are committed to a bi-partisan event that will feature information and conversation beneficial to the candidates and to the public. The press is encouraged to cover this event before hand as well as to attend. This will not be a debate but rather a presentation that should offer a lot for everyone to consider going into the 2019 Legislative session.