New proposal process for in-home care, consumer direct services


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Applicants seeking In-Home Personal Care Services or Consumer Directed Services will no longer be required to submit the enrollment application fee with their proposal packet.

Starting October 15, 2018, Missourians submitting applications to Missouri Medicaid Audit & Compliance to contract with MO HealthNet for the purpose of providing in-home or consumer services to Medicaid participants will submit the application fee after the proposal has been approved.

Applicants who submitted their IHS or CDS proposal prior to October 15th and paid the enrollment will not have their enrollment application fee returned unless their proposal is rejected; it will be applied to their Medicaid application once their proposal has been approved.

The MMAC Contracts Unit will send the applicant an email acknowledging receipt of a proposal packet.  

Incomplete or non-compliant proposals will be rejected by the MMAC Contracts staff.  Applicants will receive a letter or email from MMAC identifying any parts of their proposal packet that do not meet program requirements.  

Once an IHS or CDS proposal packet has been accepted and approved by MMAC, the applicant will be asked to submit the required Medicaid provider enrollment forms and enrollment fee.