Letter to the Editor: Looking ahead to 2019


By Cecilia S. Johnson

With the election over, it’s time for the Missouri General Assembly and congress return to work. Attorney General Josh Hawley will become our next Senator and Treasurer Eric Schmitt will take over take that office, many things are changing. One that that won’t – Kansas City is a growing hub for international business. The city has a growing economy, low tax rate, and is a central in the United States. We need to keep it that way.

Keeping the economy moving is vital to Kansas City and sometimes it can be hard to track where new business comes from and who is viewing your online pages. Google Analytics is very helpful in tracking views. Analytics is great for seeing where interest for a website is and tracking impactful connections.

But connections can be hard to make here and international business can be overwhelming with the amount of people coming in and out of the city. Digital tools and access to those are vital.

Treasurer Schmitt is poised to put his own mark on the office of Attorney General. He’s an astute legal mind and will certainly look at all aspects of his new office with a fresh set of eyes.

Cecilia S. Johnson is President of the Kansas City Area Young Republicans and an African American businesswoman.