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ADLF submits formal response to Missouri Secretary of State, rebuts Hawley’s response


Press release

The American Democracy Legal Fund submitted a formal response today to Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft’s letter of notification of an investigation into Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley. The response underscores the necessity of a thorough investigation into Hawley’s apparent legal violations and rebuts his attempts to undermine the investigation.

“Both in his response to the Complaint and in other public comments, Hawley has desperately tried to undermine the veracity of the records obtained by an independent news organization, the Complaint filed by ADLF, and the investigation opened by your office,” writes ADLF President Brad Woodhouse. “If Josh Hawley truly cares about the efficient use of Missouri’s state resources, and the integrity of Missouri’s public officials, then he will do his best to cooperate with this investigation.”

Read the full response here. Read the original letter from the Secretary of State’s office to ADLF here. Read ADLF’s original complaint here.