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Haahr names committee chairs


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – House Speaker Elijah Haahr announced on Tuesday the House Committee chairmanships and his selections for Republican membership on House committees for the 100th General Assembly.

“One of the greatest qualities of the Republican Caucus is the diverse experiences and talents this group of individuals brings to our legislative process,” said Speaker Haahr, R-Springfield.  “We have worked hard to take full advantage of each member’s unique background and match them with committees that will bring their expertise forward to address the state’s most difficult challenges.”

Republican lawmakers appointed by the Speaker to committee chairs include farmers, military veterans, clergy members, former teachers, small business owners and attorneys.  Chairpersons come from all geographic regions of the state, including the state’s largest cities and rural Missouri.

Haahr continued, “The work done by the committees is one of the most integral parts to the policy-making process.  It is in committee hearings where every Missourian has the opportunity to testify on bills before the General Assembly.  These committees also hear directly from stakeholders of legislation, ask the tough questions to thoroughly examine all the complexities of legislation, and make recommendations to the full body on bills that should proceed through the process.”

There are 43 standing, special and subcommittees in the House of Representatives that specialize in specific areas of legislation.  Per House rules adopted today, the Speaker appoints all majority members of regular standing committees and all members to special standing committees – which have the authority and duties of a regular standing committee.

Haahr added, “Under the leadership of the men and women chairs, I have full confidence that our committees will be very productive this year in crafting bold and innovative legislative proposals to build a better Missouri.”

The Following House Committees with Chairs are as Follows:

The Committee on Administration and Accounts

Chair: Rep. Glen Kolkmeyer, R – Odessa

The Committee on Aging

Chair: Rep. Lynn Morris, R – Nixa

The Committee on Agriculture Policy

Chair: Rep. Don Rone, R – Portageville

The Committee on Budget

Chair: Rep. Cody Smith, R – Carthage

Subcommittee on Appropriations – Agriculture, Conservation, Natural Resources, and Economic Development

Chair: Rep. Hannah Kelly, R – Mountain Grove

Subcommittee on Appropriations – Education

Chair: Rep. Rusty Black, R – Chillicothe

Subcommittee on Appropriations – General Administration

Chair: Curtis Trent, R – Springfield

Subcommittee on Appropriations – Health, Mental Health, and Social Services

Chair: David Wood, R – Versailles

Subcommittee on Appropriations – Public Safety, Corrections, Transportation, and Revenue

Chair: Rep. Sara Walsh, R – Ashland

The Committee on Children and Families

Chair: Rep. Sheila Solon, R – St. Joseph

The Committee on Consent and House Procedure

Chair: Rep. Donna Pfautsch, R – Harrisonville

The Committee on Conservation and Natural Resources

Chair: Rep. Tim Remole, R – Excello

The Committee on Corrections and Public Institutions

Chair: Rep. Shane Roden, R – Cedar Hill

The Committee on Criminal Justice

Chair: Rep. Shamed Dogan, R – Ballwin

The Committee on Crime Prevention and Public Safety

Chair: Rep. Kenneth Wilson, R – Smithville

The Committee on Economic Development

Chair: Rep. Jean Evans, R – Manchester

The Committee on Elementary and Secondary Education

Chair: Rep. Rebecca Roeber, R – Lee’s Summit

The Committee on Elections and Elected Officials

Chair: Rep. Dan Shaul, R – Imperial

The Committee on Ethics

Chair: Rep. J. Eggleston, R – Maysville

The Committee on Financial Institutions

Chair: Rep. Jack Bondon, R – Belton

The Committee on Fiscal Review

Chair: Rep. Dan Houx, R – Warrensburg

The Committee on General Laws

Chair: Rep. Dean Plocher, R – St. Louis

The Committee on Downsizing State Government

Chair: Rep. Jered Taylor, R – Nixa

The Committee on Health and Mental Health Policy

Chair: Rep. Mike Stephens, R – Bolivar

The Committee on Higher Education

Chair: Rep. Dean Dohrman, R – La Monte

The Committee on Insurance Policy

Chair: Rep. Noel Shull, R – Kansas City

The Committee on Judiciary

Chair: Rep. David Gregory, R – St. Louis County

The Committee on Local Government

Chair: Rep. Tom Hannegan, R – St. Charles

The Committee on Pensions

Chair: Rep. Patricia Pike- Chair

The Committee on Professional Registration and Licensing

Chair: Rep. Robert Ross- Chair

The Committee on Rules- Legislative Procedure

Chair: Rep. Rocky Miller, R – Lake Ozark

The Committee on Rules- Administrative Procedure

Chair: Rep. Holly Rehder, R – Sikeston

The Special Committee on Career Readiness

Chair: Rep. Jason Chipman, R – Steelville

The Special Committee on Homeland Security

Chair: Rep. Ron Hicks, R – Dardenne Prairie

The Special Committee on Small Business

Chair: Rep. Allen Andrews, R – Grant City

The Special Committee on Student Accountability

Chair: Rep. Bryan Spencer, R – Wentzville

The Special Committee on Tourism

Chair: Rep. Jeffery Justus, R – Branson

The Special Committee on Urban Issues

Chair: Rep. Bruce Franks, Jr., D – St. Louis City

The Committee on Transportation

Chair: Rep. Becky Ruth, R – Festus

The Committee on Utilities

Chair: Rep. Travis Fitzwater, R – Holts Summit

The Committee on Veterans

Chair: Chuck Basye, R – Rocheport

The Committee on Ways and Means

Chair: Rep. Chrissy Sommer, R – St. Charles

The Committee on Workforce Development

Chair: Rep. Kathy Swan, R – Cape Girardeau