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Gregory named chair of the House Judiciary Committee


Press release

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – In only his second term in elected office, State Rep. David Gregory will play a key role in leading the efforts of the Missouri House to improve the state’s legal climate and court system. Gregory was recently appointed by House Speaker Elijah Haahr to serve as the Chair of the House Judiciary Committee for the 100th General Assembly.

Haahr said Gregory is the ideal choice to serve as chair because of the knowledge he gained as a member of the committee and his experience as a practicing attorney who understands the nuances of Missouri’s legal system.

“Representative Gregory has the experience and insight into our legal system that has made him a valuable resource to this committee, and now it’s time for him to take on a leadership role that I know he will excel in,” said Haahr, R-Springfield. “We have made great strides in making our legal system fairer for all parties and I am confident Representative Gregory and his committee members will build on these successes with bold and innovative policy solutions.”

The House Judiciary Committee deals with bills and matters relating to the judicial branch of the state and the practices and procedures of Missouri’s courts; on matters pertaining to civil and administrative laws and procedures; and on matters relating to the ethics of public officials. As chair of the committee, Gregory will preside over committee hearings and will play an integral role in determining the outcome of all legislation that passes through the committee.

“I want to thank Speaker Haahr for this opportunity. It’s an honor to be able to lead a committee that will consider policy reforms that will seek to eliminate frivolous lawsuits and create a business-friendly environment for our companies,” said Gregory, R-St. Louis County. “We’ve seen this legislative body make some much-needed, common sense reforms to ensure our courts are fair. My committee will continue exploring reforms that can improve our civil and criminal justice systems.”

Gregory is in his second term as a member of the Missouri House of Representatives where he represents the 96th legislative district comprised of part of St. Louis County. In addition to his legislative duties, Gregory is a civil litigation attorney.