Who’s hot & who’s not: Aug. 14




COMMAND, a new direct mail affiliate  of Axiom Strategies, announced itself as an independent company this weekend. As Axiom does the brunt of quite a bit of Republican consulting, the news was pretty well-read Sunday. The website for COMMAND is live for more information: www.candidatecommand.com.

School reform is  HOT

Every time the transfer issue is discussed — which is all of the time — the case for large-scale reform is aided. In a matter of weeks, the situation went from the reform movement’s legs being cut out after [multiple] disappointing votes in the House last session to being a top-of-mind issue for everyone in the St. Louis area.

Congressman Jason Smith is  HOT

Smith already has advanced an amendment in the U.S. House, and his campaign — which has no announced opponent yet — is organizing coalitions throughout the district. He is in a stronger position than many thought possible after two months on the job.


Urging a person dressed as the President to get attacked by a bull at a fair funded by tax payers is NOT

Really? Where to start… The dozens of tweets from people on both sides of the aisle really said it all. Friendly reminder: whether or not you agree with the President’s policies doesn’t mean he isn’t still the Commander in Chief of the country. Even if that wasn’t the case, joking about a person being attacked shouldn’t be funny. That’s the kind of thing you hope you don’t have to remind full-grown adults, but evidently it’s necessary.