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Auditor Galloway releases audit of 6th Judicial Circuit


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — State Auditor Nicole Galloway today released an audit of the 6th Judicial Circuit in Platte County. The Court received an overall rating of “fair.”

The audit found the Circuit Clerk’s bank account contained more than $24,000 in unidentified funds, and that those funds have been in the account for more than 20 years. Under state law, such unclaimed property is deemed abandoned and should be turned over to the Missouri State Treasurer’s Unclaimed Property section. The audit also found that billing and receipting procedures under the Court’s jurisdiction need improvement.

In addition, the audit found Court personnel do not always properly record the final disposition of each case in the Missouri Courts automated case management system. The Court also did not always assess a time-payment fee on applicable cases as required by Missouri Supreme Court operating rules. Periodic reviews of user access to data and annual preparation of budgets for several funds also were cited as being needed.

A complete copy of the report is online here.