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Opinion: Biden must be held accountable for chaos in Afghanistan and at our border

Since his time in the U.S. Senate, Joe Biden has branded himself as a foreign policy expert, and with the help of the media, his presidential campaign characterized him as a wise sage prepared to return America to its proper role on the global stage. Following the president’s disastrous withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, even the liberal media is singing a different tune. 

In arguing for total withdrawal from Afghanistan, President Biden presented America with a false choice, suggesting this was the only way to extricate ourselves from 20 years of fighting in a foreign land. The president then doubled down, overruling his military advisors who advised the presence of a small number of troops to provide stability for the Afghan government. Without a cohesive plan, but with a strong desire to meet political deadlines, the Biden administration suddenly withdrew all support for the Afghan people, and horror ensued. 

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler

The incompetence and gross negligence of the Biden administration are stunning. Instead of strengthening American standing in the world, President Biden has demonstrated a lack of coherence which will only empower our enemies. Meanwhile, the progress we have made in fighting terror while providing hope and opportunity to Afghan women and children has been lost. 

It is important to note that although the liberation of the Afghan people and the fundamental advancement of human rights are achievements we can celebrate, the purpose of American involvement in Afghanistan centers around ensuring this territory can no longer be used as a safe haven for terrorism. Within 48 hours, the Biden administration managed to fumble away this progress as the Taliban have swept in and taken over the country. 

In a July press conference when asked if an American withdrawal would lead to an inevitable takeover by the Taliban, the president rejected the idea. When asked if this situation would compare to troops abandoning Vietnam, the president pushed back and said, “There’s going to be no circumstance where you’re going to see people being lifted off the roof of an embassy of the United States from Afghanistan. It is not at all comparable.” Yet, this is exactly what we saw — along with terrible images of people clinging to airplanes and falling to their death. 

The president was wrong, and there is no reason to believe his foreign policy decisions moving forward will be any better. The hasty abandonment of Afghanistan means freedom to thousands of terrorists being held prisoner who will once again take up their quest for jihad and set their sights on America. This is unwelcome news, especially in light of the immense problems we are facing at the border. 

When President Biden took office, he immediately implemented policies along our southern border which not only increased the flow of illegal immigrants but enticed it. Who can forget illegal migrants crossing the Mexican border wearing Joe Biden campaign shirts? The administration’s weakness at the border has invited more illegal crossings at record numbers. For the current fiscal year, there have been more than 1 million illegal border entries along with record amounts of illegal narcotics and humans trafficked into our neighborhoods and communities. 

With the Biden administration unwilling and unable to secure our border, why should we have any confidence that America will be safe from a new wave of terrorists emboldened by their victory in Afghanistan? In politics, bad policies often build upon each other, and Biden’s refusal to deal with our porous border will now be tested by an emboldened Taliban whose goal is no longer to regain Afghanistan, but instead to bring destruction upon our country. 

I call on President Biden to close the border now. The materials have been purchased; the contractors have been paid. The safety of our communities is at stake. Mr. President, now is the time to act decisively for the good of Americans, not foreign despots. The world is watching America’s next moves.