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Eigel previews 2020 legislative session


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — From Clean Missouri to property tax issues, state Sen. Bill Eigel sat down with The Missouri Times as pre-filing opened up Monday to discuss the upcoming legislative session. 

“I want to pursue policies — tax policies, education policies — that make people want to come to the state of Missouri. … It’s not a Republican or Democrat thing,” Eigel told “This Week in Missouri Politics” host Scott Faughn. “We’ve got to pursue policies here in Jefferson City that will draw people to our state. And if we can draw people to our state of Missouri, then everything else will be fixed.” 

Eigel previewed Clean Missouri legislation he will be championing this session, saying his bill “would move us back towards … having more folks with input into that process and keep it as fair as possible.” 

“We’re going to try to keep it limited as well, so when folks go to the polls, they’re not distracted by other things they may be supportive of but not necessarily changes to our redistricting,” Eigel said. 

The senator from SD 23 also discussed the Conservative Caucus’ priorities going into 2020. 

“We’re really asking ourselves, at the heart of the Conservative Caucus, what are the broken institutions of government that aren’t getting the necessary attention for reform, and what are we doing to address those,” Eigel said. 

He said there are “fault lines” between the six-member Senate group and others in the Republican Party, especially when it comes to a prescription drug monitoring program (PDMP)

For more from Eigel on the 2020 races, what’s to come this session, and Missouri’s infrastructure, watch the full interview below.