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Hassani joins Hahn O’Daniel, looking forward to next role


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The latest addition to the Hahn O’Daniel is definitely noteworthy, with a wealth of experience in offices in the legislative, regulatory and executive branches of Missouri government.

Earlier this month, Rachel Hassani left her most recent role as the Director of Legislative Affairs for Attorney General Josh Hawley to join the lobbying firm of Hahn O’Daniel, just a stone’s throw from her last office and the State Capitol.

“In a way, these experiences have laid a solid and natural path to joining the government relations team at Hahn O’Daniel. I’ve watched these guys for years now, and I respect their work,” Hassani said. “In any role, my passion is to serve our state and my desire is to guide good public policy with integrity. I believe that Hahn O’Daniel shares these values and I’m honored to join them. It’s an exciting time to join this growing firm.”

As an associate, Hassani will provide government relations support to the firm’s diverse clientele and assist with managing the business side of the firm.

But it’s a role that she has been preparing for with all of her previous roles.

Hassani’s career in the political realm began as she interned for the state senator from her hometown of Springfield, eventually working for then-Senator Scott Rupp. She followed the senator to his new role in the Missouri Public Service Commission. She says that from the very first day of her internship, she knew that the Capitol is where she wanted to make her career.

As an advisor to Commissioner Rupp at the PSC, she developed a strong background in utility policy and regulatory law. Through a partnership with USAID, she traveled to Ethiopia to train their national energy regulators on transmission and grid modernization.

Besides her duties at the Capitol, Hassani is also managing the duties of a new mother, with an infant at home. But on top of that, Hassani and her husband are also involved in foster care. It can be hectic at times, but Hassani says they manage.

“Like everyone, we are a busy family, with demanding careers, extra side jobs, plus foster care responsibilities on top of managing a house full of boys right now,” Hassani said. “Shared calendars and a deep love for list making keeps the trains running on time – usually.”

With session gearing up, Hassani is anxious to get to work, though like every person working in the Capitol, she knows it comes with a price.

“It can be tough that there really aren’t firm boundaries between your professional life and your personal life,” she said. “Although sometimes, it’s also wonderful. I love seeing the pride in our little boys’ eyes when they point out our beautiful Capitol and tell everyone that it’s my ‘work’.”