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Kander Issues Alert About Deceptive Business Mailer


Jefferson City, Mo. — Secretary of State Jason Kander today alerted Missouri business owners about a deceptive mailer that claims to be a “Notice of Potential Compliance Violation” from a group calling itself the “Business Compliance Division.” These postcards are not affiliated with any state or federal agency, including the Corporations Division of Kander’s office.

“Postcards like this are intentionally confusing and make it more difficult to conduct business,” Kander said. “I encourage any business owners who’ve received this or other misleading mailers to contact my office so we can help.”

The postcards feature a seal with two hands shaking below an image of a scale. The mailing appears to be an official government document, but is not.

Dozens of Missouri businesses have reported receiving the postcard, which directs the recipient to call a toll-free number to avoid potential fees and penalties. When the business owners call, they may be instructed to pay a fee for a “Certificate of Existence,” or something similar, which is not required for businesses already registered with the Missouri Secretary of State’s Office.

Individuals who have received the deceptive mailer are encouraged to report their experience to Kander’s office. Any official correspondence from the secretary of state’s office will contain the Missouri state seal and official contact information. To report a letter or learn more about annual filings with the secretary of state, please contact the Corporations Division of Kander’s office by calling 1-866-223-6535.