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Lee Ann Pitman prepares for rematch against Trish Gunby


Republican Lee Ann Pitman has filed to run against her 2019 special election opponent, Rep. Trish Gunby (D), for her seat in the Missouri House of Representatives. The two squared off last fall to fill a vacancy created by former Rep. Jean Evans. After solidly winning the Republican primary, Pitman is ramping up campaign efforts for the general election.

“Trish made a lot of promises on the campaign trail to flip her seat to the Democratic Party. However, now she has to answer for why many of those promises haven’t come true. She is a hyper-partisan member of the General Assembly in Jefferson City, and people are sick of politicians who put party before people,” said Pitman.

“My commitment is simple: I will work to ensure the government holds a reflection of our values here at home. That starts by defending the right to life for all people, creating an economic environment that fosters growth and independence, and getting bureaucracy out of the way,” added Pitman. “We need a voice in Jefferson City that will listen to the people at home and not special interests, and that’s my goal.”

Pitman has a background in business and finance. As a senior accountant with the Protective Life Corporation, Pitman believes government should be fiscally responsible like a business. “I’m dedicated to a balanced state budget that reduces government waste, fraud, and abuse,” she stated.

“So many times we see politicians promising free this and free that, saying they’ll provide more funding for programs without any indication about how they will pay for it all. Well, we know the money ends up coming out of the pockets of hardworking people—and that’s wrong. I am certain now is the time to lower taxes for our Missouri families and small businesses, not raise them.”

Beyond economics, Lee Ann is dedicated to improving public education and putting more emphasis on trade programs and community colleges. She noted, “I recognize there’s a bipartisan demand for equipping the next workforce. I think our traditional public schools and their one-size-fits-all approach leaves kids behind, and I’ve experienced that with my own sons.”

“There are so many issues that we can work across the aisle to get done. Instead of political posturing and polarizing rhetoric, we should get back to serving the people of our great state. Our community is filled with some pretty intelligent and talented people; let’s give them the opportunities they need to thrive without stifling their momentum through partisan scorekeeping,” added Pitman.

Lee Ann is highly active in the community. For years she has invested her time in the Walker Scottish Rite Clinic at the Maryville University branch in St. Louis to help children develop communication skills so they can pursue success in the classroom and beyond. She is also an active member of her local Pachyderms chapter and the Missouri Federation of Republican Women. Previously, she served as president of the Parent Teacher Organization when her sons were in school, volunteered as treasurer for the Missouri Amateur Ice Hockey Association Youth Division, and was a board member of the Kirkwood Youth Hockey Association.

“Community involvement is the backbone of American democracy. It’s not just about voting in elections, it’s the day-to-day commitment to invest in our neighborhoods and our children that make Missouri such a great place to call home. But, this is a responsibility we all share—regardless of party affiliation, religious beliefs, or socio-economic background—we all have the duty and the opportunity to be a part of building a bright future here in St. Louis County.”

Lee Ann Pitman and her husband, Wesley, are the proud parents of their two sons, Bradley and Benjamin. They are her biggest supporters and are excited at the prospect of seeing more genuine, conservative leadership in the state capitol.

Lee Ann has retained Axiom Strategies to serve as consultants on her campaign.