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Jeff Mazur on LaunchCode, Amazon, and mastering Twitter

The #MoLeg Podcast crew returns this week for another special edition in the Autumn of the Attorney series, joined by special guest Jeff Mazur, whom both Becky and Rachael were amazed to find out that Mazur actually went to law school.

We talk about the recent developments in Missouri’s bid to land Amazon’s HQ2, and Jeff shares some insights into what it will take to draw the attention of the retail giant. Mazur also discusses LaunchCode and how it can help increase the availability of skilled workers for tech companies looking at the Show-Me State.

Lastly, we talk to Jeff about why so many people in Missouri’s political realm gravitate toward his Twitter, and why he enjoys the social media platform so much. We also hear part of the heartwarming story of Jeff’s first date with his now-wife, Mindy, and learn a few potential red flags about dating along the way.