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AuBuchon talks tort reform, Amazon bids, and hyperloop

Lawyer and lobbyist Rich AuBuchon joins the #MoLeg Podcast crew this week as part of the “Autumn of the Attorney” series to discuss a variety of tort reform topics ranging from what has changed and when the effects will be felt. He also talks about Amazon’s future headquarters, and Kansas […]

Talking Missouri’s financial woes with Chuck Hatfield

This week’s episode features attorney extraordinaire Chuck Hatfield, who joins Rachael, Becky and Ben to talk about some of the recent news regarding Missouri’s financial state. The crew discusses State Auditor Nicole Galloway’s recent audit of the state’s legal settlements, which she says has cost taxpayers more than $115 million. […]

Upcoming elections, fundraising laws and charter schools with Aaron Baker

Aaron Baker of Axiom Strategies joins the crew this week to discuss some of the upcoming elections, especially the race to replace Sen. Brian Munzlinger. Baker also breaks down the PDMP and the fight against opioid abuse in Missouri, as well as discussing how the charter school debate may frame […]

What will it take to win Speaker’s race? Harris has answers

James Harris,¬†founder and principal of The J. Harris Company LLC, joins the #MoLeg Podcast this week to talk about the latest from the upcoming Speaker’s race in the Missouri House of Representatives. And while three strong contenders are vying for the seat, he explains why the race for Majority Floor […]

Evans discusses HCB 3 options and veto session

Rep. Jean Evans, R-Manchester, returns to the #MoLeg Podcast this week for the first time since taking office. She joins Rachael, Becky and Ben live to discuss what we could see in the upcoming veto session and the possible issues that could be addressed. Evans also talks about the hotly-debated […]

Ratliff talks strategy and leadership races for Missouri Legislature

In a special edition of the #MoLeg Podcast, publisher Scott Faughn sits down with Jonathan Ratliff of Palm Strategic and former Missouri HRCC Political Director, one of the brilliant minds behind the GOP’s success in the Show-Me State, while also welcoming a new guest co-host in Michelle Brent from Rep. […]

Chess and Checkers: Nonnemaker discusses special session strategies

This week, the #MoLeg Podcast team sits down with Ryan Nonnemaker, the chief of staff for Sen. Bob Onder. Nonnemaker talks about some of the work done by Onder’s team during the most recent special session, as well as the ever-changing body of the Senate. He shares some of his […]

Kyle Aubuchon talks special session, 2018 election cycle

Sen. Doug Libla’s chief of staff, Kyle Aubuchon, sat down with the #MoLeg Podcast crew to talk about the special session and the Senate’s return next week. Aubuchon also discusses the upcoming 2018 election, as well as the news of who has entered the races for U.S. Senate and State […]

Special session and disruptors with Rep. Travis Fitzwater

This week, Rep. Travis Fitzwater joins Rachael, Becky, and Ben to talk about the ongoing extraordinary session, as well as some of his thoughts on being a legislator in Missouri. Fitzwater talks about the important role that technology plays in what legislation is crafted, as well as how the changing […]