The success of BurtonLiese is enhanced by the ability to formulate proven action plans tailored to each client’s needs. Each client has specific government issues that must be individually assessed and planned. Additionally, issues have multiple influences that must be identified and acted upon in order to be resolved in favor of the client.

BurtonLiese develops strategies by:

assessing client needs
examining potential government action
designing action plans
continuously evaluating the plan

This process helps to ensure proper strategies designed to achieve specific client goals.

Knowledgeable partners with unparalleled judgment and key contacts with government decision-makers.
Working with clients to define problems and opportunities, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop specific objectives.
Analyzing government to determine key influencers, party positions, leadership impact, outside influences, key legislators, and desired outcomes.
Designing action plans specifically tailored to individual clients that work to successfully achieve client goals

Client Focused Objectives
We work to exceed clients expectations.

At BurtonLiese, the client is our utmost priority. Our goal is to completely understand our client’s business and goals when establishing an initial relationship. Whether it is seeking legislative action on specific issues, developing a long-term presence in the Capitol, identifying and monitoring issues, or gaining government procurement, BurtonLiese is uniquely qualified to identify and accomplish specific client objectives.

Lobbying – We are positioned to work with Democrats and Republicans, key legislative leaders and executive officials. We help quantify client objectives, dissect government, and implement winning lobbying strategies.
Budget Issues – The maze of state government budgeting is complex and can be exasperating. We are experienced in working with the budget process. By understanding the process and its complexities, budget requests and proposals have a winning opportunity.
Government Procurement – Our experience in government can help clients put together winning bids. We have worked within the procurement process and can direct client to key decision-maker.
Researching Issues – With our extensive contacts in government, we can provide information on potential government reaction to contentious issues. Issue research can include background on legislators, executive branch officials, special interest groups, opponents, allies, and identification of other important stakeholders.
Providing Political Counsel – Our broad knowledge of government and key decision-makers can be applied to forecast future issues, positioning on controversial debates, and planning for future legislative or regulatory action. We also provide advice on making strategic campaign and philanthropic contributions.
Monitoring Legislative, Regulatory, and Executive Activity – Because we are on the scene at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri and have extensive contacts, we can monitor specific legislative and regulatory initiatives on an ongoing basis. Knowing what government will do can help shape business decisions.

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