John Bardgett and Associates

John Bardgett and Associates

John Bardgett & Associates, Inc. (JBA) is a governmental consulting and association management firm, primarily focused on representing clients’ interests in the State of Missouri at the legislative, executive, and state department levels. On occasion, JBA has been involved in lobbying local governing bodies on specific issues. JBA’s client list represents some of the top corporations in our country as well as professional and trade associations in our state. We have a total of six full-time lobbyists who work on JBA clients’ issues.

JBA maintains fully staffed offices in both Jefferson City and St. Louis which provides clients with the most up to date and timely information available. Both offices are equipped with state of the art telecommunication facilities and have meeting space available for client needs.

John Bardgett, Jr., president of JBA, has been lobbying in the State of Missouri since 1980. JBA has six full-time lobbyists working on a wide range of client issues in Jefferson City. JBA also contracts with other lobbyists on a case by case and as needed basis.

As one of the top lobbying firms in the State of Missouri, JBA has become quite selective in its clientele. JBA is very proud of the fact that some of the top corporations in the country, as well as professional and trade associations in our state have had long standing relationships with JBA. Whether the issue is increasing a state appropriation in difficult economic times or leading a coalition of lobbyists on a statewide legislative issue, JBA has developed a reputation for getting the job done while maintaining the highest level of integrity.


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John Bardgett

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