Government Consultants/Lobbyists

Andrew Oestritch

(816) 407-1222
Andrew Oestritch

Armstrong Teasdale

(314) 621-5070
Michael A. Chivell, Jon Dalton, Kent Lowry, Shannon Hawk

Arnold & Associates

(816) 560-0682
Charles “Andy” Arnold

Aubuchon Law Firm, LLC

(573) 616-1845
Richard AuBuchon

Baker Partners, LLC

(573) 690-9440
Philip Baker

Brent Hemphill & Associates, Inc.

Bryan Cave LLP

Bryan Cave LLP

In response to client demand for representation before Missouri state legislative bodies, government agencies and regulatory entities, Bryan Cave opened its Jefferson City office in 1997. The need for such representation has increased due to the expanded role of state government in business regulation, as well as federal policy that places additional responsibilities on individual states in administering government programs and functions.

The Jefferson City office maintains active legislative, appellate and regulatory practices. Whenever the legislature is in session (and frequently during the interim), our lawyers are fully engaged in advancing our clients’ legislative agendas and strategic business objectives by working with numerous public officials, legislative committees, political caucuses and gubernatorial commissions.

In addition to practicing before state legislative bodies, Bryan Cave regularly represents clients before Missouri state agencies such as the Departments of Revenue, Economic Development, Health, Natural Resources and Social Services, as well as the Secretary of State, Securities Division and the Office of Administration.

(573) 556-6620

Burch & Associates

(573) 636-4599 / (573) 636-4532
Jerry Burch, Lisa Christie, Cindy Pursley



The success of BurtonLiese is enhanced by the ability to formulate proven action plans tailored to each client’s needs. Each client has specific government issues that must be individually assessed and planned. Additionally, issues have multiple influences that must be identified and acted upon in order to be resolved in favor of the client.

BurtonLiese develops strategies by:

assessing client needs
examining potential government action
designing action plans
continuously evaluating the plan

This process helps to ensure proper strategies designed to achieve specific client goals.

Knowledgeable partners with unparalleled judgment and key contacts with government decision-makers.
Working with clients to define problems and opportunities, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop specific objectives.
Analyzing government to determine key influencers, party positions, leadership impact, outside influences, key legislators, and desired outcomes.
Designing action plans specifically tailored to individual clients that work to successfully achieve client goals

Client Focused Objectives
We work to exceed clients expectations.

At BurtonLiese, the client is our utmost priority. Our goal is to completely understand our client’s business and goals when establishing an initial relationship. Whether it is seeking legislative action on specific issues, developing a long-term presence in the Capitol, identifying and monitoring issues, or gaining government procurement, BurtonLiese is uniquely qualified to identify and accomplish specific client objectives.

Lobbying – We are positioned to work with Democrats and Republicans, key legislative leaders and executive officials. We help quantify client objectives, dissect government, and implement winning lobbying strategies.
Budget Issues – The maze of state government budgeting is complex and can be exasperating. We are experienced in working with the budget process. By understanding the process and its complexities, budget requests and proposals have a winning opportunity.
Government Procurement – Our experience in government can help clients put together winning bids. We have worked within the procurement process and can direct client to key decision-maker.
Researching Issues – With our extensive contacts in government, we can provide information on potential government reaction to contentious issues. Issue research can include background on legislators, executive branch officials, special interest groups, opponents, allies, and identification of other important stakeholders.
Providing Political Counsel – Our broad knowledge of government and key decision-makers can be applied to forecast future issues, positioning on controversial debates, and planning for future legislative or regulatory action. We also provide advice on making strategic campaign and philanthropic contributions.
Monitoring Legislative, Regulatory, and Executive Activity – Because we are on the scene at the Missouri State Capitol in Jefferson City, Missouri and have extensive contacts, we can monitor specific legislative and regulatory initiatives on an ongoing basis. Knowing what government will do can help shape business decisions.

(573) 893-6834
Gary Burton

Capes, Sokol, Goodman & Sarachan P.C.

(314) 721-7701
Kenneth Rothman, Gary A. Sarachan



Catalyst is a nationally recognized influence management firm specializing in multi-state government affairs, public affairs and corporate strategy. Catalyst specifically focuses on state legislative efforts, Attorneys General outreach, corporate strategy and grassroots campaigns.

We represent Fortune 500 companies, national trade associations and businesses of all sizes with a modern approach that is successfully influencing policies at the federal, state and local levels.

We employ cutting edge tactics to government affairs, public affairs and corporate relations ensuring our clients are excelling and expanding their sphere of influence. Catalyst’s clients benefit from the unique experiences, relationships and networks we have developed across the country.

(202) 375-9575
Danny Pfeifer

Chris Molendorp Management

(816) 388-3825
Chris Molendorp

City of Kansas City

Salvatore Panettiere

Clout Public Affairs

Clout Public Affairs

Clout  is the go-to firm when it comes to helping companies and associations deal with their neighbors, customers and competitors.


Crisis Management
Strategic Communications
Traditional Lobbying
Grasstops Outreach
Association Management

Media Buying
Digital Advertising
Direct Voter Contact
Competitor Research Branding

Cooper Governmental Services

(314) 302-7426
Jim Cooper

Cozad Company Government Relations

(816) 721-4106
Woody Cozad, Ward Cook

D’Abreu, Davis & Silk

(314) 397-4636
Shawn D’Abreu

Dale Amick Professional Services

(573) 634-3637

David Klarich and Associates

(636) 230-8166
David Klarich, Rachael Klarich

David Overfelt

(573) 636-5128
David Overfelt

Dwight Scharnhorst

(314) 401-8569
Dwight Scharnhorst

Elizabeth Lauber Consulting

(314) 960-2373
Elizabeth Lauber

Farrell & Associates

(314) 369-5642
James E Farrell

Flotron McIntosh

Flotron McIntosh

At Flotron McIntosh, we strive to join our client’s interests with good public policy initiatives so that policymakers can better serve their constituencies. This can be done through any number of methods, such as:

Considering our clients’ interest in legislative recommendations
Incorporating our clients’ interest into budget proposals
Monitoring legislation that affects our clients
Developing briefing documents for legislators on key issues relating to clients’ position
Proposing modifications to make legislation or regulations more favorable to our clients
Testifying and/or serve as clients’ spokesman to the legislature
Counteracting misguided “grassroots” efforts


(573) 635-7570

Fred Dreiling, LLC

(816) 806-6335
Fred Dreiling

G.L.O. & Associates

(573) 230-7075
George Oestreich

Gallagher Consultants, Inc.

Gamble & Schlemeier

Gamble & Schlemeier

Gamble & Schlemeier, Ltd. is Missouri’s largest government relations firm with 150 years of combined experience in Missouri legislative and regulatory affairs. Over the last 30 years, our top-ranked Missouri lobbyists have built bi-partisan relationships with local, state and federal lawmakers while negotiating public policy changes on behalf of clients across every major industry. 
We represent trade and professional associations, corporations, small businesses, and local governments offering a full range of government affairs and lobbying services. We maintain a robust presence in the Missouri Capitol, having spent decades building strong, trusting relationships with the Legislature, the Governor’s administration, and other statewide office holders.

(573) 634-4876
Jorgen Schlemeier, Bill Gamble, Sarah Topp, Jeff Brooks, Katie Gamble

Gary Elmestad & Associates

(636) 441-7186
Gary Elmestad

Gateway Government Relations

Gibbons Workman LLC

(573) 635-5429
Mike Gibbons, Trish Workman

Governmental Services Group

(573) 636-4532
Scott Marrs

Green Consulting

(314) 420-5318
Tim Green

Grote & Associates

Michael Grote

Harness & Associates LLC

Kathi Harness

Hartnett, Gladney, Hetterman LLC

(314) 531-1054
Jeffrey Hartnett, Ronald Gladney, Paul C. Hetterman

Hazelwood & Webber LLC

(636) 947-4700
Keith W Hazelwood, K. Andrew Weber

Husch Blackwell, LLP

(573) 635-9118
Lowell Pearson, Jay Atkins

J. Harris Company

James Harris, Chris Cain

Jeff Grisamore

(816) 225-5695
Jeff Grisamore

Jerry Ford Enterprises

(573) 335-6459
Jerry Ford

Jim Moody & Associates

(573) 635-6633
James Moody

Joe L Thompson Consulting

(314) 845-3240
Joseph Thompson

John Bardgett and Associates

John Bardgett and Associates

John Bardgett & Associates, Inc. (JBA) is a governmental consulting and association management firm, primarily focused on representing clients’ interests in the State of Missouri at the legislative, executive, and state department levels. On occasion, JBA has been involved in lobbying local governing bodies on specific issues. JBA’s client list represents some of the top corporations in our country as well as professional and trade associations in our state. We have a total of six full-time lobbyists who work on JBA clients’ issues.

JBA maintains fully staffed offices in both Jefferson City and St. Louis which provides clients with the most up to date and timely information available. Both offices are equipped with state of the art telecommunication facilities and have meeting space available for client needs.

John Bardgett, Jr., president of JBA, has been lobbying in the State of Missouri since 1980. JBA has six full-time lobbyists working on a wide range of client issues in Jefferson City. JBA also contracts with other lobbyists on a case by case and as needed basis.

As one of the top lobbying firms in the State of Missouri, JBA has become quite selective in its clientele. JBA is very proud of the fact that some of the top corporations in the country, as well as professional and trade associations in our state have had long standing relationships with JBA. Whether the issue is increasing a state appropriation in difficult economic times or leading a coalition of lobbyists on a statewide legislative issue, JBA has developed a reputation for getting the job done while maintaining the highest level of integrity.


(636) 530-9392
John Bardgett

John Britton Associates

(573) 634-2777
Jennifer Durham, John Durham, Luann Madsen

John Coffman LLC

(573) 424-6779
John Carroll

Karen Strange & Associates

Karen Strange

Kit Bond Strategies

(573) 256-2111
Kit Bond

Kyna Iman LLC

(573) 635-2858
Kyna Iman

Lashly and Baer

(314) 436-8350
Richard Watters, John Fox Arnold

Lathrope & Gage

(314) 613-2800
David Shorr, Jerome Riffel, James Grice

Law Offices of Phil LeVota

(816) 821-8531
Phil LeVota

Lewis, Rice and Fingersh

(573) 883-7724
Ralph Bellar Jr., Joseph Bant, Bret Kassen, Charles Miller

Licklider and Associates

(573) 893-6363
Sam Licklider

Lynne Schlosser Consulting

(816) 444-3020
Lynne Schlosser

McCullough Governmental Consulting Services

(573) 636-2553
Richard McCullough

Michael G. Winter Consultants

(573) 634-5444
Michael G Winter

Michael Michelson and Associates

(573) 635-9432
Michael Michelson

Nicklas Lobby

(573) 619-3573
Dawn Nicklas

Paladin Energy Strategies

(314) 306-0013
Kevin Gunn

Patek and Associates

(573) 690-3573
Jewell Patek, Caitlin Kerber

Penman & Winton Consulting Group

(573) 635-6044
D Scott Penman, David Winton

Pierce Company, LLC

Charles Pierce

PJB Consulting

(573) 301-3206
Parker J Bena

Polsinelli PC

Prestige Powers

(573) 353-9264
Daryl Duwe

Rackers Consulting

(573) 681-9099
Tom Rackers

Richard Wiles and Associates

(573) 635-3377
Richard Wiles

RJ Scherr and Associates

(573) 636-2822
Randy Scherr

Rodney Hubbard and Associates

(314) 308-3709
Rodney Hubbard


(573) 616-1911
Richard Brownlee III

Scherr, Winter LLC

(573) 636-6200
Randy Scherr, Michael Winter, Brian Bernskoetter, Brenda Roling

Spectrum Consulting

(573) 256-2111
Matthew Roney

Spencer Fane Britt & Browne LLP

(573) 634-8112
Joseph Bednar, Keith Wenzel

Steve Jackson & Associates

(314) 993-3899
Steve Jackson

Steven R Carroll & Associates

(573) 761-5952
Steven R Carroll, Kelsey Robinson

Stinson, Leonard & Street LLP

Strader & Associates

(573) 635-9040
Pat Strader

Strategic Capitol Consulting

Strong Consulting Group LLC

(573) 893-2060
Nikki Strong

The Giddens Group

The Kelley Group

The Kelley Group

The Kelley Group is a full-service public affairs and advocacy consulting firm dedicated to successfully navigating clients through the labyrinth of political, legislative, regulatory, labor, and media environments. Simply put, we shape and move opinions to achieve results.

Founded in 2003, The Kelley Group is where experience and expertise converge to achieve winning, measurable results. With over 150 years of combined political, business, and labor experience we offer strategic consulting, public policy analysis, issue management, media relations, crisis communications, legislative and regulatory advocacy, procurement, and marketing services necessary to achieve any strategic objective.

(573) 301-5806

The Ketcher Law Firm

(314) 259-1234
Brad Ketcher, Mark Reading

The McCarthy Group

(314) 409-6812
Trent Ford

The Rhoads Company

(573) 635-0505
Mark Rhoads

The Swain Group

(573) 230-8138
Scott Swain

The Swearingen Group

(816) 726-4664
Jay Swearingen

Thompson & Coburn

(314) 552-6000
Thomas Minogue

Treece Phillips LLC

(573) 761-4999
Brian Treece, Mary Phillips

Trent Watson

(573) 634-8996

White and Goss

(816) 502-4716
Michael White, Harold Goss, Dale Schulte, James Bowers