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Release: Jason Kander Preps to Run for Governor in 2024



September 7, 2016

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JEFFERSON CITY – Jason Kander’s personal political ambitions earned him the nickname “man in a hurry,” a pejorative epithet casting him as a campaign-climber constantly calculating his next political move. Kander’s newest move was revealed in a filing with the Missouri Ethics Commission where he stated his intention to run for statewide office in a primary election, likely for governor, on August 6, 2024.


One report on Kander’s 2024 filing suggests “he’s already planned out his race for Missouri governor” and asks “does Kander really want to be U.S. Senator, or is that just another temporary holding spot for him?”


Kander has described himself as “the last person to talk about the importance of ‘paying dues.’”  Paying dues also means succeeding in your job before seeking a promotion.  This year, on Kander’s watch as Missouri’s chief elections official, virtually every election has been marred by ballot blunders and, most recently, absentee voter fraud. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial board said “Jason Kander should have been onto this issue long ago.”


“Jason Kander has spent the majority of his career seeking one political office after another and treating his jobs as temporary holding spots until a flashier title or chance for promotion comes around,” said Rich Chrismer, communications advisor to the Missouri Republican Party.  “Missourians deserve a U.S. Senator who is focused on serving their interests, not someone consumed with opportunism in pursuit of their next campaign or a new job title.”