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Release: Jason Kander’s Love Fest with Government-Controlled Health Care



September 21, 2016

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JEFFERSON CITY – Missouri families continue to struggle with increasing health care insurance premiums and limited choices thanks to ObamaCare, while Jason Kander continues to embrace this unaffordable law, supporting its expansion and adopting Hillary Clinton’s position in support of a “public option.”


Jason Kander was an early supporter of ObamaCare and his track record shows he would be nothing more than a rubber-stamp supporting Hillary Clinton and Senate Democrats’ drive to pass a public option and giving the federal government even greater control over Missourians’ health care.


In addition to his service as a national co-chair for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Jason Kander has been a long-time supporter of the Hillary Clinton plan for a public option.  In 2009, Kander signed a Progressive State Network letter calling on President Obama and the Democrat-led Congress to include a public option in ObamaCare.

Kander’s record of support for ObamaCare is long:


January 2010 – Kander votes against HCR 18, a resolution urging the Missouri Congressional Delegation to vote against ObamaCare. 


March 2010 – Kander votes against HJR 48, a resolution requiring voter approval to block ObamaCare’s health insurance mandate. 


May 2010 – Kander votes against HCR 77, a resolution urging Missouri’s Attorney General to file a legal challenge against ObamaCare.


January 2011 – Kander votes against HR 39 that urged state officials to join a challenge against ObamaCare and Congress to repeal the law. 


April 2012 – Kander votes against HB 1534, a bill to block ObamaCare implementation in Missouri. 


“ObamaCare has been a disaster for Missouri families forcing them to pay more for health care insurance with limited options.  Instead of learning from the mistakes of ObamaCare and supporting its repeal, Jason Kander and Hillary Clinton want to give the federal government even more control over people’s health care with a public option.  Missouri families cannot afford higher costs and fewer choices with more ObamaCare and that’s precisely what they would get with Jason Kander and Hillary Clinton’s plan for greater government control of their health care,” said Rich Chrismer, a communications advisor to the Missouri Republican Party.