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Springfield businessman Brent Brown enters race for city council


Springfield native Brent Brown has tossed his hat in the ring for the upcoming Springfield City Council elections. Brown has been a driving force in real estate development in the city and is now turning his attention to new methods of improving Springfield. Running for General Seat B on the council, Brown is campaigning on the slogan “New Voice, New Vision for All.”

“My goal remains the same: to make Springfield a wonderful place for families to build their lives. For me, that has been through the private sector—primarily real estate development and creating jobs. Now, I want to bring that same work ethic to City Hall.”

Brent Brown was born and raised in Springfield and spent his early years working in his family’s retail grocery business, Summer Fresh Supermarkets and Save-A-Lot Food Stores, eventually working his way up to President and CEO. Later, he began his venture into real estate. But Brown’s commitments also led him to nonprofit and community-focused efforts. Brown is an alumnus of Leadership Springfield, sits on the board of directors for the Greater Springfield Apartment and Housing Association, and serves in leadership roles with other community organizations. 

“Service is a core pillar of my faith and something I’m passionate about. Any chance I have to bring more opportunities and a helping hand to those in need gives me purpose. Right now, small businesses and many families are struggling. I want to see our city government being used to help our community first and foremost. That’s why I am running.”

Unlike zone seats that represent a specific area of the city, general seats represent the entirety of Springfield and are elected citywide. Brent is appealing to voters who have been affected by a multitude of challenges from 2020.

“To those who have felt disenfranchised or silenced: I hear you. I recognize that we need a consistent strategy to deal with COVID-19, while also not punishing small businesses and hard-working employees. I understand the hardships you face because I am facing them as well as a local business owner.”

Brown’s platform also includes more focus on reducing crime and boosting economic development:

“Citizens deserve to feel safe when they go about their day; we should not tolerate crime but should stand with law enforcement to protect our city. One part of the solution is through economic development. When a local economy is doing well, crime rates go down. I want to take a preventative approach to crime that lifts up our quality of life as well.”

Brown believes that hands-on experience and the willingness to listen to others are key elements for leadership. He proposes that managing our city with consistency and efficiency is the only way to unify Springfield and bounce back from the consequences of the pandemic.

“The challenges we face are significant; I’m running to be a servant of Springfield, not it’s hero. It’s time to end ‘politics as usual’ and begin a new, more transparent approach to city governance.”

The elections for Springfield City Council will be held April 6, 2021.