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STATEMENT: Caleb Rowden Responds to Stephen Webber’s Attack on His Family


Columbia, MO — Today, Caleb Rowden released the following statement:
“Stephen Webber’s latest attack ads have hit an all new low in a political season that has seen that bar drastically lowered.  Stephen Webber is purposely trying to mislead Mid-Missouri voters.  My wife, my father and I are all small business owners, something we are proud of. Our companies have never received a single penny in taxpayer dollars. The insinuation that I used my position to influence the decisions made by private businesses is a blatant lie and beneath someone holding public office. I respect Stephen enough not to bring his family into this campaign. It is unfortunate he doesn’t share that respect.
If Mr. Webber had ever created a job on his own, he would understand how business works. But he has built his career on standing in the way of small business at every turn, choosing instead to side with his largest, special interest donors to make the cost of doing business higher.
Mr. Webber can lie about me and my family. I will continue to tell the truth about his record. The only one that has cheated taxpayers is Stephen Webber. Taxpayers paid him over $280k in salary, and he failed to show up for over 900 votes. It is not surprising that he would try and distract voters from this disqualifying reality. We believe Mid-Missouri voters will see through Stephen Webber’s lies.”