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Army vet and attorney Sam Gladney announces candidacy for HD 87

ARMY VETERAN & ATTORNEY SAM GLADNEY ANNOUNCES HIS CANDIDACY FOR HD87 Clayton, MO – Iraq veteran, West Point graduate and Clayton native Sam Gladney has announced his candidacy to represent Missouri’s 87th House District. “For too long, personal agendas in Jefferson City have embarrassed our state and its families,” Gladney […]

Is Josh Hawley running for U.S. Senate? Sam Fox seems to think so

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri’s Attorney General Josh Hawley has left many wondering whether or not the Republican will run to challenge incumbent U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill in 2018. And after months of being asked, the first-time elected official still has offered no real answers except to form an exploratory […]

Can the legislature call a special election? Constitution, cases say yes

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Leading Missouri political minds are buzzing about the legislature being able to set a special election by resolution without the signature of the governor, citing the Constitution being upheld by Missouri Supreme Court cases. The discussion arises as some strategize on right-to-work. Article III, Sections 52a and […]

August 2017 tip sheet for 2018 released

The Missouri Times August 2017 Tip Sheet outlining statewide and legislative race outlooks for 2018 and beyond has been released. The Tip Sheet, another installment in a series of regularly released tip sheets, is the longest yet. Formatted as a PDF, readers can view online and download the document for […]

Could Schmitt be the next contender for U.S. Senate?

Former state senator touts Schmitt as best candidate JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – As speculation over who will run against incumbent U.S. Senator Claire McCaskill continues, groups of Republicans have been coalescing around names like Attorney General Josh Hawley and Representative Paul Curtman. Still, others have been mentioning names such as […]

2018 Tip Sheet: House

House Races Elected in 2010 – 43 The current breakdown of the huge 2010 class is 35 Republicans and eight Democrats. Interesting to note, that class is the same size as the junior class, which stands at 43 members. This was the class elected after Obamacare in the huge Republican […]