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Rowden questions Schaaf’s motivations on Senate floor

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – When freshman Sen. Caleb Rowden inquired of Sen. Rob Schaaf Thursday evening, who had continued obstructing business in the Senate after perceived slights from members of the House of Representatives, it became clear that the chamber, which usually becomes raucous and talkative during long debates on […]

TWMP: Lester Turilli, the Washington University debate and Greitens’ surge

On Sunday’s episode of This Week in Missouri Politics, Lester Turilli Jr. talks about his independent candidacy for governor with host Scott Faughn, his status as the only person in the race with pro-life beliefs, his support for SJR 39 and his hopes to reach out to socially conservative voters. […]

Mid-debate responses offer an eye into Koster’s polling lead

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – While Eric Greitens and Chris Koster debated Friday afternoon, their campaigns may have done more to define the differences between the candidates and their political operations than anything the candidates could have said on stage. Greitens described Koster as a career politician and the Attorney General’s […]

At This Week in Missouri Politics debate, candidates make final pitch

ST. LOUIS — Three of the Republican candidates for governor met for a final debate Sunday on This Week in Missouri Politics and they got their last chance to make an impression on television and social media. Businessman John Brunner, former House Speaker Catherine Hanaway and Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder […]

TWMP: Parson vs. Randles for lieutenant governor

On a special episode of This Week in Missouri Politics, host Scott Faughn speaks with both of the Republican candidates for lieutenant governor. State Sen. Mike Parson, R-Bolivar, and former Missouri Club for Growth president Bev Randles speak about why they want to become the lieutenant governor, what sets them […]

STREAM: #mogovdebate

The Missouri Times will be hosting the first Republican gubernatorial debate of 2016, streaming from downtown Jefferson City. The debate will be a stark contrast from the previous series of forums that have been held around the state. The debate will be Monday, February 22, the evening before candidate filing, […]

GOP candidates explain vision for state at Missouri Farm Bureau debate

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Farm Bureau hosted the first debate featuring all five Republican candidates of Missouri’s 2016 gubernatorial election cycle Tuesday night. Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, state Sen. Bob Dixon, former state House Speaker Catherine Hanaway, businessman John Brunner and former Navy SEAL Eric Greitens answered questions […]

Five Takeaways: Cole County GOP Gubernatorial Debate

Watch here. They all pretty much have the same positions. The entire field claims to be pro-life, pro-gun, and for smaller government. Their answers to most questions was to pass Right to Work and cut government. Essentially they are on the same page on the issues, which means the personal […]