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Rehder claims email was hacked

House Attorney implies “criminal investigation” underway First, it was Democrats claiming that the Russians had hacked their computers releasing embarrassing emails, but now Rep. Holly Rehder, a Republican legislator, has claimed her email was hacked, releasing a report detailing a long list of tax increases the Governor’s office was deliberating. […]

Greitens rolls out St. Louis ‘Safety Plan,’ increasing highway patrol presence

By Brian Robbins/CLAYTON TIMES ST. LOUIS – Gov. Eric Greitens on Monday detailed a new multi-agency effort to help address violent crime within the St. Louis region, but some say it’s going to add more headaches than solutions. The multi-agency task force includes organizations such as The Missouri State Highway […]

Massive tax increases on income, services, gas, and internet purchases included in draft of Governor’s Tax Committee Report

Under a draft plan of the Governor’s Tax Committee’s findings obtained by The Missouri Times taxes go up for a barber in Willow Springs, a gun store owner in Trenton, a man in Marble Hill buying a rifle scope online, or a person filling up their truck in Ashland. However, […]