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Nonstop November Action: Winners and Losers

November is typically a sleepy month in off-year Missouri politics, but not in 2017. Normally there are only a few weeks between the end of the Cardinals season and the pre-filing of bills. However, as October is silent for yet another year, it seems that the entire state is restless […]

MoDOT’s turnover rate hovering around 10 percent, but what does it mean for Missouri’s transportation system?

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – “Work smarter, not harder.” Or at least that’s the message that the Missouri Department of Transportation is getting from the Show-Me State. For years now, MoDOT has been struggling to keep employees from leaving the ship, as employees have increasingly left the department to find better-paying […]

Hill tapped to lead new committee looking into stabilizing Missouri’s health insurance market

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – What direction should health care take in the Show-Me State? That’s the question that will be put to a newly-formed committee following President Donald Trump’s executive order. House Speaker Todd Richardson on Thursday announced the creation of the Interim Committee Stabilizing Missouri’s Health Insurance Markets to […]

Parson calls for special session to oust Chappelle-Nadal and restore in-home care budget cuts

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Lieutenant Governor Mike Parson is calling on the Missouri Legislature to call themselves to a special session to address the issue of how to restore funding to the in-home service cuts to more than 8,000 senior, disabled and veterans, but he also is asking the Senate […]

Can the legislature call a special election? Constitution, cases say yes

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Leading Missouri political minds are buzzing about the legislature being able to set a special election by resolution without the signature of the governor, citing the Constitution being upheld by Missouri Supreme Court cases. The discussion arises as some strategize on right-to-work. Article III, Sections 52a and […]

How does a legislative special session work, and what could it mean for Chappelle-Nadal?

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – With calls for a special session swirling around the state, the question of just how the legislature could call a session in order is on the minds of many. Currently, the loudest cries are for a special session to deal with the expulsion of the recently […]

Questions about Capitol security continue to plague legislators’ minds

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – For those wondering, it seems that the metal detectors in the Missouri State Capitol are there to stay, for at least this fiscal year. The security measures, which require visitors and their possessions to pass through metal detectors and X-ray machines, were first installed in January. […]

Schmitt urges Missouri Legislature: ‘Don’t be like Illinois’

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Missouri State Treasurer Eric Schmitt is calling on the state legislature to address a number of financial issues with one simple message: “Don’t be like Illinois.” In a letter penned to the state’s legislators, Schmitt compared Missouri’s current financial state to that of the neighboring Illinois, […]

Greitens signs REAL ID into law, sponsoring senator left out of signing

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Missouri is officially REAL ID-compliant, following the signing of HB 151 by Gov. Eric Greitens. However, an important sponsor of the legislation, Sen. Ryan Silvey, was not invited to the signing ceremony at Whiteman Air Force Base near Knob Noster, Missouri. Whiteman is one of the military bases […]

Adding Insult to Injury

Our new governor is obviously a very talented politician and a seemingly very complex guy. Missourians knew they were electing someone with no experience in governing and likely expected him to try some new things. Some seem to be working quite well. Others are head scratchers. I’ll just tell you, […]