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Dear Mr. Danforth, your self-righteous turkey call politics are their own brand of divisive 

Well, it’s been about 24 months, and that means the Cardinals are due for a new closer and, of course, John Danforth is due for a sanctimonious diatribe on the Republican Party. It’s been about that long since Danforth teamed up with Tony Messenger at the Post-Dispatch to launch an […]

I get easily confused, are moderates good or bad?

I have to admit I’m just a simple hillbilly. Admittedly, I ain’t never been to an Ivy League school like Yale. However, one time I did get poison ivy in a patch of woods round by Yukon, Missourah. For our Ivy League readers, that’s in central Texas County. Maybe that’s […]

‘Culture Leads Leaders Follow’ book outlines native son’s career

Al Sikes, former chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from Sikeston, has written a book he hopes will resonate with the next generation of politicos – powerfully inscribed with “Keep pushing back.” “I really want to talk to the next generation or the generation after that,” Sikes told the Missouri […]

Part One: 10 of the Most Fascinating People of 2015

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay No politician moved the needle more in 2015 than St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay. After leading on the issue of equality in marriage last year, Slay led on a host of public policy issues this year. He was at the front of the ban the […]

Woody Cozad: Missouri conservative

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Although John “Woody” Cozad has never served as an elected official in the state capacity, the lawyer and lobbyist from Kansas City may be the quintessential Missouri conservative based on his beliefs, his actions and his enthusiasm for the Republican party, which he still has even though […]