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Lathrop Gage joins with Gallagher Consultants to form new consulting firm

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – In a significant move, the law firm Lathrop Gage has announced the creation of a new government relations subsidiary through a merger. The new lobbying subsidiary, which will be named Lathrop Gage Consulting LLC, will be based in Jefferson City. The new consulting firm will offer […]

If Richardson’s not running against Galloway, then who is?

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. –  Last Thursday, Speaker Todd Richardson announced he would not run for auditor in 2018. On Sunday morning’s episode of This Week in Missouri Politics, host Scott Faughn prepared a tentative list of potential republicans to run against the incumbent Nicole Galloway. Auditor is the position in the […]

Alex Zumsteg: Climbing the statehouse ladder

How one staffer found her direction in Missouri politics JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The name “Alex Zumsteg” may not draw a lot of recognition outside of Missouri’s political realm, but behind the scenes of the state capitol, she’s a force to be reckoned with. The Otterville native never thought a […]

Weekly Poll: Koster up 6, SD19 close

The Missouri Times conducted a poll of registered voters Sunday, September 4 through Tuesday, September 6 and asked Missourians questions on three races of importance: the race of Missouri’s governorship, State Senate District (SD) 1, and State Senate District 19.  We polled 589 people statewide. Also polled 201 in SD1, […]

Republicans and the media will miss Roger Ailes

In a stunning turn of events that most folks in Missouri won’t pay much attention to, a major shift in the east coast establishment occurred as Roger Ailes left Fox News after a string of sexual harassment complaints.  It might matter more to Missourians than you think. He was a […]

Schaefer celebrates as pro-Hawley ad removed from airwaves

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Kurt Schaefer’s campaign is celebrating Wednesday morning after it says a pro-Josh Hawley radio ad has been pulled by multiple stations for being false. The ad, paid for by the Faith and Freedom Coalition, focused on Schaefer’s record on pro-life issues. “This is just another example of […]

On Obergefell anniversary, statewide candidates answer questions about gay rights and religious freedom

Last year, the Supreme Court’s decision in Obergefell v. Hodges made same-sex marriage the law of the land. While gay rights activists celebrated, the opposition worried about how to implement a ruling many felt violated their sincerely held religious beliefs. Gay rights activists thought that the 2016 session would be […]

Lafayette County Republicans reflect on grassroots

By Kay Hoflander Lafayette County Republican Central Committee Chair MRP State Committee Member serving on Rules Sub-Committee, Executive Committee Kinder, Brunner and Hanaway all have a following in my part of the state, and all three have effective and respected campaigns here. We have never seen the fourth Governor candidate Greitens […]

Q&A: GOP AG candidates vow to protect religious liberty

With SJR 39, the topic of religious liberty and the rights of individuals and their sincerely held religious beliefs became a topic of conversation in the halls of the legislature. If the resolution had passed and approved by the voters, the next attorney general would have been responsible for defending […]

Hawley faces legislator ire at ‘status quo’ tweet

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – After Sen. Kurt Schaefer announced over 100 legislators endorsing his bid for attorney general, Republican primary opponent and University of Missouri law professor Josh Hawley tweeted the endorsements were “100 reasons why Kurt Schaefer can’t change anything in Jeff City” and “100 promises to protect the […]