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House Budget chair says Governor does have ‘some statutory authority’ regarding metal detectors, but using new officers would be a problem

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The controversy around the metal detectors at the Missouri State Capitol has been ongoing for nearly one year now, and the one thing that seems to be certain about the situation is this: the metal detectors are not leaving. Lawmakers have for months questioned the manning […]

Capitol security measures and Governor’s PDMP called into question in House Budget Committee

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – It’s no secret that the Missouri Senate has had their issues with the Greitens administration in the Governor’s first year, but it now seems that the executive branch’s relationship with the House is now truly being tested. Members of the House Budget Committee bristled during a […]

More unanswered questions on metal detectors

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – In June, the Missouri Legislature voted that, as of July 1st, it will no longer allocate funding to Capitol Police nor any other security personnel to monitor the metal detectors at the visitor entrance to the Capitol building. In doing so, the funding for Capitol security […]

Capitol metal detectors go guardless as of July 1

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Great Missouri Capitol Metal Detector experiment is set to come to an end with the start of a new fiscal year next month. As of July 1, the budget will no longer allocate funding for Capitol police or other security personnel to man the newly […]

House Budget hearing intensifies as lawmakers question use of Capitol improvement bonds to fund security upgrades

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Tension grew in the House Budget Committee Tuesday afternoon when lawmakers’ questioned the Office of Administration’s budget noted Capitol improvement bonds were used to pay for the new security upgrades inside the Missouri State Capitol. Members of the committee balked at the thought that some of the […]