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Sam Cooper elected as new executive director for MO GOP

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – It’s been almost a month since the Missouri Republican Party lost their executive director, but now, it seems they’ve found their man. According to a post by the St. Louis County GOP, Sam Cooper has been elected as the Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party. During […]

Are Missouri Republicans distancing themselves from Trump, or are they really that busy?

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – President Donald Trump is headed to Missouri this week, where he’s expected to speak about his proposed overhaul of the federal tax system. The Republican president is expected to land in Springfield, Mo. on Wednesday afternoon, where he is scheduled to speak at Loren Cook Company, […]

As GOP launches attacks, labor to present RTW ballot signatures August 18th

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Labor groups have announced that they intend to present their signatures to put right-to-work up for a statewide vote in 2018 on August 18, and as the court battles wind down, the GOP has taken their attacks from the courtroom to public square. Labor has decided […]

Delegate selection leads to schism in Missouri GOP

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – When the Missouri Republican Party held their county caucuses across the state April 9, they selected slates of delegates that will go to the state and congressional districts to vote for the final delegates sent to Cleveland for the Republican National Convention this summer. But some Republicans, […]