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Alternative fuels showcased at Capitol, proponents call them solutions to state funding issues

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Hundreds turned out Wednesday afternoon for the National Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Odyssey Day, the focus of which is to highlight alternative fuels and technological advances. The event, hosted at the Missouri State Capitol by by both the St. Louis and Kansas City Clean Cities Coalitions, […]

Neosho school district opens up to propane fueled school buses

NEOSHO, Mo. – In an effort to save funds for transportation, the Neosho school district has turned to an alternative form of fuel as they have obtained 18 propane-fueled buses. Citing government budget cuts and cheaper means of fuel, Neosho has taken inspiration from numerous school districts across the country. […]

Jones to call on Justice Department to investigate Propane price hike

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — House Speaker Tim Jones, R-Eureka, is joining colleagues in both chambers in calling for action on the recent spike in propane prices in Missouri, where consumers have seen per-gallon prices triple over the course of a few weeks. The price spike has been attributed to a […]

Republican lawmakers ask Koster to investigate propane price increases

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Attorney General Chris Koster announced an investigation into the cause of a drastic increase in the price of propane across the state after urging from Republican lawmakers. In the last two weeks, propane prices in the state have increased from approximately $1.70 per gallon to more […]