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On some budget votes, district takes precedent over party

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The closest votes Thursday occurred in the House on HBs 10 and 11 yesterday during the approval of the state budget conference bills. Both of the bills deal with the funding of social services, which caused consternation over the session, because of the change in the circuit […]

Missouri at the RNC: Day One

With the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this week, the Missouri Times will be featuring daily updates of the Republicans who have decided to attend the convention in Ohio. Rep. Diane Franklin, R-Camdenton met Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., on her flight into Cleveland Sunday, and state committeewoman and […]

Hubrecht defends rape comments

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Democratic groups are reacting with outrage to comments made by Rep. Tila Hubrecht, R-Dexter, during debate over a controversial “personhood” bill that could make abortion legal in the state. During Tuesday’s discussion on the perfection of Rep. Mike Moon’s HJR 98, which seeks to “[recognize] the […]

Compassionate Care Act fails, future of medical marijuana in Missouri uncertain

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – A measure that would legalize medical marijuana in the state of Missouri failed to pass on the House floor just before noon Thursday. Although HB 2213, also known as the Missouri Compassionate Medical Care Act, was perfected by a vote of 91-59 Tuesday, 26 legislators on […]

Hubrecht determined to keep SEMO afloat after Noranda bankruptcy

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – Southeast Missouri is suffering. In February, when the Noranda aluminum smelter in New Madrid closed, it sent shockwaves through the state, but the biggest impact occurred in and around the bootheel. Nearly 900 people will lose their jobs as a result of its bankruptcy. For Rep. […]

Increased abortion regulation to be a focus for Missouri General Assembly

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – With the legislative session fast approaching, Republican legislators have released their agenda for 2016. While ethics reform, economic development, transportation funding and stadium financing (or lack thereof) will be a focus in the coming year, the ongoing battle over abortion rights, restrictions and regulations should also […]